Daily IPA September 6th, 2022

Links mentioned: http://www.wavwatch.com use code: Martha100 to get $100 offLink to become an affiliate: http://www.marthaekrejci.com/watchaffil

Daily IPA September 8th, 2022

Today’s Action item post with PSA – People read that Don’t overuse it. PSA Announcement idea – If you have the watch, talk about what it’s done for you. Do not oversell.  If you want to grab the watch http://www.Wavwatch.com code Martha100 If you want to be an affiliate http://www.marthaekrejci.com/watchaffil YouTube Training Workshop http://marthaekrejci.com/yttraining EPIK […]

Daily IPA September 7th, 2022

Step 1: find 10 people in our batsignal.  Step 2: Go to their social (story or wall) and genuinely engage; show support and love