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Introducing the Martha Krejci Company Income Strategists!

There were so many people wanting one on one help from me, but I could only do so many calls in a week. I wanted to duplicate myself and that’s when the idea of having income strategists was formed.

They couldn’t be just anyone. They had to know how I do things like the back of their hands. They had to already be showing up in service for my people. And most importantly, they had to share my service driven heart for others.

I present to you my dream team of income strategists who will help you drill down on your bat signal so deeply that you will want to gush with joy at who you get to serve. They are also equipped to help you create an entire year of content so that you know exactly what to talk about with your people to move the needle on your business.

On top of that, each of these strategists brings their own expertise to the table as well.



Danelle is ready to help you create alignment and structure in your business by looking at your projects from a high-level view. She can help you bust through your barriers with Bat Signal, build a Year of Content that is wrapped around your business, and is excellent with content creation mapping. She has a natural ability to create processes that are effective and has been doing it in business for over 30 years. She has mastered strategies based on logical solutions and can help you plan and execute whatever you’re working on. She is skilled with leadership, project management, organization and dealing with big emotions.

Bank Code: BNKA

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Eric’s specialty is in Video content. He can help your content thrive and get discovered by putting together a winning content strategy specifically for you. He has a logical system for researching keywords and topics. He can help you define a year’s worth of content or niche down on your Bat Signal. He can also help you show up authentically in your videos. Eric is here to help you build your future. Bank Code: KBAN

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Andrea can help you discover, niche down, or pivot your Bat Signal, build a Year of Content that is revolving around your business, and is excellent at helping you pull out the gold in your content ideas and categorize it. A thinker, she is great at asking questions and making things that are hard-to-understand clearer. She is skilled at developing quick-win course ideas from your experiences, whether or not they seem to fit neatly in your bat signal. Andrea has built a successful business using HBR and can’t wait to help you move the needle on your business goals. Bank Code: KBNA

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To make sure you’re doing all the things you need to be for your business to grow successfully?

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Before I tell you who I am, allow me to get real with you and tell you who I was. I remember like it was yesterday, you guys. I was sitting in my carpeted cubicle at my crappy corporate job slaving away when my husband Mike called me. There, on video, I sat from my 9-5 soul-crushing job and watched as my daughter Nora took her very first steps. Her wobbly, kinda stompy, first steps. It was over, and I had missed it! At that moment, my world froze. Time stopped and collapsed on itself. I remember sitting there thinking, “Is this something I want to deal with for the rest of my life?” I’m pretty sure you can guess what my answer was. I waited until my shift was over and never returned to work again. And it was SCARY! I mean, REALLY SCARY, you guys! Nonetheless, I had an ace up my sleeve. What was it? If you’re thinking a ton of skills and a blueprint to restart my life, you’re wrong. I JUST KNEW ONE THING FOR SURE… MY “WHY” WAS GREATER THAN MY FEARS. So I worked to find a way to build a life without my 9-5, so I’d never miss another moment. And I’m glad to say I did it! NOW, I help moms all over the world do the same! Let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Martha! I’m a fun-loving, hardworking mama who helps mothers escape their 9-5 cages and taste freedom! Thanks to the internet, our world is full of stay-at-home possibilities. Today, I’m a business growth strategist and a social media marketer who has learned to break the code and find success online. And I’ll teach you to do the same! Since I quit my job, I’ve completely changed the trajectory of my family’s lives and have been featured in publications like Oprah Magazine, Fast Company, Cosmopolitan, Shape, The Huffington Post, and more… I know what you’re thinking…

Guys, I know how you feel. I was RIGHT WHERE YOU’RE STANDING. The only thing is, I didn’t have a coach to teach me. Through my online courses, group coaching, and tons of free resources, you can follow my steps and do exactly what I’ve done! Let’s look at some of those apprehensive thoughts from above. This is crazy! I don’t know how to start and run a business! With my step-by-step courses and coaching, I put you on the path to generating your first million. You needn’t be a professional anything…yet! I’ll teach you and help you get there faster than I did. It’s not the right time for me… LOOK, I get it! It’s hard to jump into the void and see if you can fly. I can tell you from experience that it’s never the right time. Take a leap of faith. I just don’t know if I can do it! I remember saying these exact words to my husband. Faced with the alternative of missing all my daughter’s milestones, I couldn’t let that stop me. Maybe you don’t have someone in your corner. Let me be that person. The way I see it, you have two choices: You can either stay the same and get what you’ve always gotten. OR You can make a change and see if you have what it takes to escape your 9-5. So what will it be? If you’re thinking the latter. Let’s do this! xo Martha